Das Wichtigste vorweg: Econap agiert hauptsächlich im Hintergrund. Um die Einstellungen zu ändern, klicken Sie auf das Econap-Logo (grünes Blatt) auf der rechten Seite der Taskleiste.

The Setup

The first time you start Econap, you will be asked to select the correct product version of Econap. Click on "Private use only " in the first interface for the private, non-commercial version. Then select either "Econap Free" or "Econap Plus".

If you choose Econap Plus, you can then enter your Product Key in the line below "Product Key" if you already have one. Otherwise you also have the possibility to purchase a license in our store. You can follow the individual steps in the following series of pictures:

Standby Blockers - Indicators

Econap offers you a selection of indicators that make standby more intelligent. The Econap indicators work according to a simple system: As long as at least one of the respective workloads exceeds the set limit, standby is prevented. The appropriate configuration for you depends on your system configuration - and is very easy to determine.

Finding the optimal configuration for the indicators

At first you can freely decide which indicators should be considered by Econap. Should standby be activated even if other users are currently logged in? - Then simply deactivate the "Multi User Blocker".

Now it is necessary to configure the indicators in such a way that the PC is only put into standby when it is really not needed:

  1. First close all active programs.
  2. make sure that no operations such as downloads, copies or virus scans are running.
  3. click on the symbol of an indicator to configure it.
  4. Change the set limit so that it is above the current load. As soon as this is the case, the indicator symbol will turn green.
  5. Set all other indicators in this way so that all symbols are coloured green at the end.
  6. Now the indicators are optimally set!

Standby Blockers - Process Blockers

You can add programs to the Process Blockers list that prevent standby while they are active. For example, you can specify that the PC is most likely needed when your backup software is running - and that standby should not be activated in these cases.

The Presentation Mode

For situations in which standby is absolutely undesirable - even if the PC is not actively needed - there is the presentation mode. When it is active, it prevents standby and screen timeout regardless of the Econap configuration and current load. Especially with the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + P it is practical for presentations and meetings where the standby has already caused many black screens and hectic wake-up attempts.